Price comparison of LEI issuers

About this website

LEI.codes is a price comparison website that provides an easy overview of the LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) issuers accredited for your country.

The website is created by Danish independent web developer Christian Schmidt with an intention of increasing transparency and encouraging competition in the relatively new market for LEI codes.

The information on this website has been gathered from a number of sources and is provided on a best effort basis without any guarantee. Users should verify the price, terms and conditions with their chosen LEI issuer before making a purchase. All prices are converted to local currency for easier comparison. This conversion is only provided as a guideline. LEI.codes has no affiliation with any of the LEI issuers and is not responsible for any services purchased after visiting this site.


The website is published by:

Christian Schmidt
Kaalundsgade 4, 3. th
1664 København V
+45 28 21 16 18

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