Price comparison of LEI issuers

A Legal Entity Identifier (or LEI) is a 20-character code used to uniquely identify a company engaging in finansial transactions.

All companies in the European Union are required to register an LEI with an accredited issuer in order to buy or sell shares, bonds and derivatives.

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Issuer Country Call center Price Trustpilot
Global FinReg A/S Denmark Yes USD 94
EQS Germany Yes USD 55
Bloomberg United States Yes USD 65
Bundesanzeiger Verlag Germany Yes USD 90
WM Datenservice Germany Yes USD 90
GS1 Belgium Yes USD 100
RapidLEI Finland Yes USD 112
GMEI Utility Netherlands Yes USD 117
LuxCSD S. A. Luxembourg Yes USD 129
London Stock Exchange United Kingdom Yes USD 147
Irish Stock Exchange Ireland Yes USD 180
Tokyo Stock Exchange Japan Yes USD 184

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